Return of the King.

Now accepting formal applications for someone to be my valentine.

Why do you want to be my valentine:

  • if i answer an ask meme and you want to turn it into a thread, you reblog it and turn it into a thread
  • if you tag me in any chat/para starters i will save it to my drafts and reply to it when i have muse
  • if i post an open chat/para rp you are more than welcome to reply to it
  • im not fuckin scary yo i aint gonna bite u

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ooc; disclaimer; fyi

Before I get to messages and mails, just a brief note: Jim decided to reappear on his own and was not inspired by s3. In fact, I haven’t even seen the new season yet - which is going to change soon, now that my muse and love for BBC Sherlock is back. Until then this blog will be played as ‘permanent reality’ based on s2.

All posts in this blog - unless marked as ooc - are supposed to be Jim’s entries. This also applies to asks - which means that he will answer them if they are not explicitly marked as ooc (and no guarantees that he won’t cut in and add his two cents to the ooc ones as well ;) ). 

Lastly, to my new followers: hello :) Thank you so much! I hope you’ll like the ride. I’m kind of, sort of nervous - it’s been a while. Play at your own risk ;P

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Putting out my feelers to see if anyone is still reading along and would care if Jim would decide to make his return (rusty’n’dusty, no doubt, and probably a lot less graceful than before since I haven’t written him in forever and will need some time to get back into the swing). I never meant to stay away for so long, but sometimes RL needs your full attention.

To all the followers that are still around and to those who left while I was swallowed by rl events - I missed you all. I hope you are well <3